Baltimore Portrait Project

I've been a homeowner in Baltimore City for a little over three years. (I've been in the area for close to 14 years).  Delightfully dubbed Pigtown, my neighborhood in southwest Baltimore in one of the most socioeconomic diverse communities in the whole of the city.

Part of urban life is the complexity (and sometimes strain) of constantly being surrounded by strangers. Heard from a distance, the hum and bustle of city life often sounds like nothing more than complete chaos.

As a portrait photographer, my goal with this project is to simplify--to slow down and capture honest moments through street photography.  Maybe if we understood our neighbors at a deeper level, residents would live with more compassion, tolerance and love toward the "strangers" around them.

Started in 2013, I hope to make the Baltimore Portrait Project an ongoing effort for years to come.  For the newest updates, be sure to connect to Moyer Photography on Facebook.
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